DARPA’S Mosaic Warfare

The idea of Mosaic Warfare is to maintain control of operational tempo by limiting the enemy to reacting to situations created via the rapid decomposition and re-composition of forces and equipment on the modern battlefield. The concept is enabled by unmanned and autonomous technology enhancing all warfighting functions, but especially intelligence, C2 and fires. Mosaic Warfare dramatically changes the pace of employment, reach, and overall impact of our collective combat systems as we create more effective kill chains and exploit the electromagnetic spectrum to our advantage, ultimately forcing the enemy to react to dilemmas vice maintaining control. Ventus assisted the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as they developed PROTEUS, a technology designed to help Marines understand Mosaic Warfare and its many benefits and to address the challenge of cognitive overload now faced by tactical commanders due to their expanded force capability. Our SME served as a key intermediary between technology developers and Marine users helping system engineers understand Marine Corps doctrine and warfighting concepts, while helping Marines understand system capabilities so they could maximize utility during planning and execution. PROTEUS has since transitioned to the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab and is being used by the Marine Corps to analyze future force structure and validate proposed warfighting concepts.

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