Rapid Acquisition

A Department of Defense service determined a new weapon system was needed to meet a near term emerging threat. After assessing alternatives, the service selected the newly approved Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) as the appropriate process to rapidly develop and field the capability to address the emerging threat. Ventus assisted the government with crafting and overseeing the execution of the acquisition strategy for this weapon system, which was one of the very first MTA projects for this service. VES provided critical support to a very lean government program team in all aspects of this project, from requirements development, through day-to-day execution oversight, all the way through design and oversight of a test strategy and crafting an initial production schedule. VES also directly managed the important interactions with the service’s Weapon System Safety Board to ensure all safety attributes were addressed and adjudicated to support the operational test schedule. VES support was instrumental to the service’s success with this early MTA project.

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