US Coast Guard Cyber Case Study

Ventus developed a cyber investment strategy for the US Coast Guard. USCG faced significant cyber activity and an uncertain future. Ventus analyzed trends and uncertainties across a significant spectrum of USCG Capabilities and developed alternative scenarios. Ventus examined a number of important capabilities and investment options under consideration by the USCG and identified others integral to future readiness as well. Working closely with USCG leadership, Ventus developed an option set that was resilient in the face of unknowns and provided significantly improved capabilities. Working with the USCG’s strategy process (Evergreen), the Commandant of the Coast Guard sent out Ventus’s final product to the senior leadership of the Coast Guard including all flag officers and senior executives (SES) – the first time an Evergreen strategy product had been so disseminated in the 20+ year history of the group.

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